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Reading this on the web right now? That puts you in the minority.

The majority of the world has yet to come online.

3/5th of the world
do not have regular
access to the internet.

That's 4,200,000,000 people
without internet.

Mobile internet has the power
to transform economies and lives

but the cost burden of service — especially for data — leaves
the majority of the world without access.

A McKinsey and Company report found that:

"The predominant barrier to Internet adoption is the low income
of individuals in the offline population."
AirFox is on a mission

How does AirFox work?

AirFox dramatically reduces the cost of mobile service for consumers and mobile operators throughout the world. The lower the costs on both sides, the more people can stay connected and get online.

AirFox mobility

AirFox Mobility enables Mobile Operators to increase revenues from their data network and decrease mobile service costs. We provide Mobile OTT solutions for MNOs, MVNOs and MVNEs.

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